The beauty dictate of the 21st century is that we should remain active, dynamic and beautiful in our later years. Unfortunately, however, our bodies continue to do what nature designed them to do: they age. What are we able (and willing) to do,  in order to slow down the visual signs of ageing?



The way in which we combat the ageing process has always been related to the contemporary view of humankind. In today's society, we are surrounded by body culture and the obsession with beauty – and it's no longer restricted to the younger generation. We rejoice in the fact that we become calmer and more mellow with increasing years, and that older people are indeed considered to be wise. On the other hand, we find the decline in physique tragic. The cosmetics industry's magic formula to combat this is: anti-aging! It's a term that has been around since the late 1990s. Yet what does «anti-aging» actually mean?


The image of the cosy, cake-baking granny belongs in the past. Now we see grey-haired models on advertising hoardings, striking energetic yoga poses or working out on their mountain bikes. Therefore it is no surprise that older people are gradually starting to feel under the same pressure as young people when it comes to their appearance. A fresh, firm complexion is a must, it seems! Yet the reality is different: in old age, the skin is troubled by dryness, wrinkles and age spots. When the first fine lines appear, even the most reluctant cosmetics users (or even their husbands) suddenly become interested in anti-wrinkle products. But isn't prevention better than cure?


Ageing is understood to be the result of a complex interaction of biological processes. The causes may be genetic, but environment and behaviour also play a part. According to the latest research into ageing, the skin begins to age in approximately the 30th year of life: the epidermis becomes thinner and loses fat. The resulting reduction in elasticity leads to slackening and the formation of mimic wrinkles. The body produces less collagen und elastin, two structural proteins which make the skin appear smooth and firm – in other words, young. The skin can also be affected by hyperpigmentation and depigmentation (age spots, see «Whitening»). We cannot halt these natural processes with anti-aging ingredients, but we can slow them down. We therefore recommend that both women and men start using anti-aging measures from the age of about 30.


The trend is going so far that anti-aging products are even being made to appeal to young women in their 20s, in the hope of tackling ageing at an early stage. However, it is highly inadvisable to overload young skin with anti-aging substances. Certain ingredients in cosmetics for mature skin may even damage young skin. Nevertheless, age-appropriate cleansing (see our articles on cleansing and make-up removal) and care are essential measures and help to counteract skin ageing. It's good to take precautions, but it must be done properly!


Our FilSuisse microfibril wipes provide an innovative way of applying active ingredients to the skin. The active ingredients are embedded directly in the microfibrils in a high concentration without unnecessary additives. When the wipe is used, the fine microfibrils exfoliate gently, stimulate blood flow, deliver pore-deep cleansing and at the same time nourish the skin with highly concentrated anti-aging ingredients. The active ingredients are protected through microencapsulation in liposomes, enabling them to be absorbed deeply into the skin. As a result of optimum preparation and the absence of unnecessary additives, the ingredients can be absorbed better, faster and in higher concentrations than with a cream.

The active ingredient soy isoflavone supports the natural functioning of the skin by activating the production of new collagen support fibres. This demonstrably reduces the depth of wrinkles and firms the skin (all thanks to the ingredients in «Anti-Aging»). The result is younger-looking skin. For the younger generation, «Moisturizing» or «Skin Clear» are recommended as ideal «anti-aging precautions». This is because all of our cleansing wipes reduce fine lines in the skin through daily massage and intensive stimulation of the blood flow.


Anti-aging is dismissed by many as an empty marketing concept, and not entirely without reason. The best anti-aging skincare programme will be of no benefit to someone who is not also prepared to adapt their lifestyle to growing older. Healthy eating, exercise, fresh air, getting enough sleep, sun protection, social contact and, above all, flexibility of spirit, are what keep us young. After all, what does youthfulness actually mean, if not a healthy body and open, curious mind? An active pensioner who radiates happiness is in some ways far more youthful than a grim, worn-out person in their mid-twenties. Surveys reveal that older people in our society feel 10-15 years younger than previous generations. The age you feel is playing an increasingly important role in relation to your chronological age.


The ageing process is something we have to accept. The best we can do is to avoid things that harm our skin (cigarettes, alcohol, too much sun, negative stress) and turn towards the fine things that flatter our skin. You know best what does you good, and how much «anti-aging» you can handle! With proper care and a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, you can start at any time.

We hope you maintain a healthy attitude to ageing and find skincare with FilSuisse a refreshing experience!