Microfibril wipes works from the very first day and ensures that your skin becomes clearer and more nourished with every use. In just a few weeks, you will experience not only a new, unique skin feeling, but also radiant and more refined-looking skin. Look forward to microfibril wipes every evening. Wipe by wipe, you’ll bring out your skin’s radiance. You can read how here... 


The natural cycle of the skin determines how the skin is affected by cosmetic active ingredients. While most of the body’s cells stop dividing after development is complete, skin cells maintain this ability throughout your life. In this process, newly formed skin cells migrate through the epidermis and end up as a layer of skin platelets on the skin’s surface, where they finally slough off. The length of this process varies: young, healthy skin needs around 28 days, whereas the journey may take up to 70 days for an older skin cell. Microfibril wipes are designed to actively support this process and to nourish the cells with active ingredients from the time they form. Microfibril wipes therefore result in long-term results rather than merely an instant impact.


Initial results are already clearly visible during the first skin cell regeneration cycle (28-70 days): the surface and structure of the skin are noticeably finer and more even. The skin benefits deeply from the natural, highly concentrated active ingredients and is not harmed by additives such as preservatives, fragrances or alcohol. Pure nourishment! 

...AND WORK...

After just a few weeks, the skin is perfectly balanced and develops its natural beauty. There is a significant reduction in inflammation and blemishes, and sebum production is noticeably normalised. Enjoy the new radiance and show the world your face! Simply keep using microfibril wipes! For healthy looking skin and a radiant complexion.


To maintain and build on the results, make microfibril wipes your indispensable skincare ritual and do something good for it every day. With «Skin Clear», we recommend that you refrain from applying any other cosmetics immediately before and after using the wipe. However, you can use your favourite product in the morning, for example, and benefit from it being even more effective thanks to perfect preparation with microfibril wipes


From the very first use, microfibril wipes help your skin to work actively again. After the first uses, this can be experienced through particularly clean and supple-feeling skin. The skin also responds extremely positively to the gentle exfoliation of our wipes by renewing the hydrolipid film. Consider your evening care regime with microfibril wipes as beauty training for your skin. The longer that you use microfibril wipes, the more radiant your skin will become and remain – making it highly comparable with sports training or a change of diet. To ensure the desired effect occurs and does not fade, microfibril wipes should be used consistently every day. There is no better partner for your skin! So on no account throw in the towel, because with every use, you’re wiping away your day-to-day stress from your face and replacing it with a serving of precious active ingredients.

And don’t forget to prepare your skin for the day. Apply a high-quality sunscreen, preferably in the mornings.


Once Skin Clear has successfully cleared up your spots, blackheads and oily skin, we recommend «Moisturizing» or «Anti-Aging» for your ongoing daily skin care. All products help prevent skin blemishes and oiliness and supply your skin with moisturising, nourishing active ingredients.

If you have any questions about the use or effect of microfibril wipes, contact us!