The effectiveness of cosmetics and care products depends on the ingredients used in the product and on how the active ingredients are supplied to the skin. Researchers refer to this as  «delivery mechanism» or «mode of administration», i.e. the way and form in which nourishing substances are applied to and into the skin. Creams, pills or injections are conventional, well-known methods for the transportation of active ingredients. But researchers and developers have long been searching for alternative methods, as the conventional delivery mechanisms come with certain drawbacks. A cream is a cream, regardless of the active ingredients in it. It is applied to the skin, which does absorb some of it, and promises to have a certain short- or long-term effect. However, due to their physical composition, creams contain far more excipients than active ingredients. 

Swiss researchers and developers have now found a solution to this problem. The original idea started with a boy who lived in the neighbourhood of the company's later founder and who suffered with acne, and ended in the patenting of a new skin care concept and the foundation of Filag Schweiz Ltd. The idea: highly concentrated natural active ingredients applied directly to the skin by means of a microfibril wipe, without any cream – surprisingly simple and innovative. The first project centred on developing the microfibrils, microscopically small, multi-functional fibres specially designed for skin care. The other focused on finding a way to combine the natural active ingredients with the microfibril cloth without the use of additives. The microfibrils serve not only as the delivery mechnism, but also as a «skin preparer»: they effectively «open» the skin for the nutrients. After several years of development and testing, clinical studies conducted by an independent Swiss institute confirmed that this new method was highly effective and very well tolerated by the skin. The name of the microfibril facial care wipes with natural active ingredients in dried form: microfibril wipes, a method of administration that is innovative and unique in skin care.

But how do microfibril wipes work? Moistened with water, the microfibril wipe deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. This also has a clever side effect: the skin is optimally prepared to absorb the active ingredients, while the highly concentrated active ingredients penetrate directly into the skin where they can immediately get to work. The advantage: The skin is given only what it needs and spared the heavy ingredients found in creams. Due to their chemical composition, most creams must contain additives such as alcohol, emulsifiers, fragrance and preservatives. Microfibril wipes thus have up to 100 times higher concentrations of active ingredients than creams.

Four essential care products are currently available, but more are being developed. Moisturizing is modern facial skin care for daily use that contains moisturising and calming ingredients for long-term results. Skin Clear was developed for blemish-prone, oily skin and demonstrably reduces the occurrence of spots and blackheads if used regularly. The skin's surface becomes smoother, less oily, and acquires a more even structure. Anti-Aging combats the signs of aging by visibly reducing wrinkles and tightening the skin. Whitening systematically lightens age and pigment spots for an even complexion. The daily use of microfibril wipes only take 30 to 45 seconds: moisten the microfibril wipe with water and use it to gently massage the face. That's all it takes to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin. Microfibril wipes should be used once a day so that, day by day, the skin is actively rejuvenated, with specifically nourishing active ingredients reaching the deeper layers of the skin, helping it to find its natural, radiant beauty.