How can I get a beautiful, even suntan on holiday – while still using optimum sun protection? FilSuisse prepares your skin perfectly for tanning and cleanses your face thoroughly after sunbathing.


We are sometimes asked if FilSuisse also protects against UV rays. No, FilSuisse does not contain a sunscreen. Therefore, especially in summer, you must be sure to protect your skin with the right sunscreen. Take expert advice to ensure that you use the correct product to suit your skin type and your needs. Of course, it also depends on whether you're holidaying in the Caribbean, or simply travelling to work on a sunny day. When it comes to sun creams and skin creams in general, our advice is to avoid parabens and silicone where possible. Products should also ideally be free from allergens and contain natural active ingredients. Even fragrances are not really needed for sunning yourself.


While most Asian people desire an «aristocratic pallor», we in the West prefer to strive for a healthy holiday tan. We see things differently in our culture. By our standards, a sun-kissed face is considered to be dynamic and relaxed – and even that is dependent on the current fashion. Fortunately, the red, sunburnt look is never in demand! :-)


We at FilSuisse are not really fans of skin creams, since these oily and greasy active substance transporters block the pores and bring many unnecessary substances to the skin along with the active ingredients. However, there is no argument when it comes to sunscreen. The skin must be protected externally and should be systematically sealed against UV rays. As yet, no alternatives to creams have been invented for the purposes of sun protection. People used to talk about getting a «healthy tan», but tanning is only «healthy», if it happens easily and you haven't spent too much time in the sun. Sad, but true.


Here's a typical holiday scenario: you cover yourself with sun cream in the morning and spend a wonderful day at the beach. What happens in the evening? You find you've got half the beach stuck to the remnants of the protective cream film: dirt, sand, sea salt, bugs, sweat - and is that a bit of ice-cream on top? OK, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but by the time you have children, sticky substances are also part of the mix. That's why thorough cleansing is so important after a day covered in sunblock.


And so there's nothing nicer, after a day at the beach, than to take a cool shower and give your face a thorough cleanse! First splash your face with cold water to cool it down a bit, and then cleanse with a FilSuisse wipe. This thoroughly removes all traces of sunscreen, sweat and other beach residue from the pores and supplies a high concentration of active ingredients to your skin.

When your face is cleansed pore-deep with FilSuisse…

  • ... the surface of your skin becomes ready to absorb the highly concentrated active ingredients in FilSuisse,
  • ... your complexion is even, sun cream can be applied smoothly and evenly,
  • ... your skin tans evenly.

Many people think that you won't tan if you use sunscreen. This is not true! It may take a bit longer, but the same applies for tanning as for sports training or losing weight: the slower, the better. A slow tan also lasts longer.


After a day by the sea, sunscreen users are usually advised to apply an «after-sun» product. After-sun lotions have a high alcohol and water content and are designed to supply the skin with the cooling and moisture it needs. However, that «cool» feeling is only due to the evaporation effect of the alcohol. Lotions are creams in a more liquid form, and likewise are not free from oils and a vast amount of unnecessary ingredients (preservatives, fragrances, etc.). What's more, after a day with pore-blocking sun cream and sweat, why would you want to apply yet another lotion to your face? A sun cream seals your skin upwards, but consequently also downwards. So even though the skin has a protective film against UV rays, the sealing effect also prevents the skin from breathing and excreting. This may also lead to blemishes – and using an after-sun lotion can make them even worse! FilSuisse is therefore perfect for cleansing and nourishing your skin in one step, without your skin again becoming hermetically sealed to the outside!


Tanning from a tube? For the cautious and those who simply prefer the shade, there is a good alternative to sunbathing. Self-tanning lotions react in the topmost skin layer (corneal layer). The tan lasts a few days and is then repelled. To stop your bronzed complexion from becoming blotchy, we recommend gently exfoliating beforehand with FilSuisse. If you have any colour mishaps, a long, warm bath followed by exfoliation will help. Blotches on your fingers from application can be removed with lemon juice.


As the old saying goes, «you can have too much of a good thing». If you don't spend an excessive amount of time roasting in the sun, then you also don't need to take precautions or apply cooling substances to your skin. It's pleasant in the shade, and your skin turns brown and not red! 

However, if you should be unfortunate enough to suffer sunburn, please do not use our wipes until the redness has faded. In these circumstances, even gentle exfoliation would be unpleasant and unhelpful on painful skin. Applying cold, damp cloths or quark to the skin can help with slight sunburn. If in doubt please seek advice from a pharmacist. However, hopefully you'll stay healthy and radiant, and enjoy the sunshine to the full!

And if your skin has a tendency towards pigment moles, when summer is over you can try Whitening!

We hope you enjoy caring for your skin with FilSuisse!