A picture is worth a thousand words, so we thought we'd put together a small photo gallery of people who tried  Skin Clear to show their results.

At the beginning of January, we started our «Wanted» campaign, which involved looking for volunteers for a small product study using FilSuisse Skin Clear. The goal of the campaign was to create a small photo gallery that showed the results of using FilSuisse Skin Clear over a period of 84 days. A number of people registered and met with us at our office in Beckum. While they were initially a bit shy, we managed to establish good rapport among the mostly young people.


At our first meeting, I talked to the young people about the product and how to use it. Of course, I couldn't resist offering them a few pearls of motherly wisdom. Things like: «No matter how late you come home (and regardless of your condition), use the wipe and don't forget to brush your teeth.» My kids' ears are probably buzzing right now.

After the first round of casting, the list of participants was set.


Then it was off for some photos, and that's when the testers really started to become nervous. Getting in front of the camera without any make-up with their problem skin was a particular challenge for the young women in our group.

It's a bit like getting naked – the entire world will see how you look under your make-up. We're not talking about people with a few spots, but rather those whose skin condition above all makes them feel uncomfortable in their own skin and often leaves them feeling insecure as well. It also affects their self-confidence, self-worth and self-love.


Mainly the desire to have beautiful, radiant skin free of blemishes. Most of them would be happy if their skin cleared up even a little bit. I had only one wish – I hoped we could help all of them. The results in the first four weeks were unbelievable, but have a look for yourself.

The mood was very laid-back at our first shoot at the Fotokult photo studio in Beckum. Our photographer Andreas was able to put the participants at ease and make their fear of being in front of the camera disappear. This resulted in great photos that all of the participants were very pleased with. After the shoot, we gave everyone a four-week pack of Skin Clear and sent them all home.


We've followed our young team of volunteers for ten weeks and the results are impressive. It's not just their skin that's improved significantly. What affected me most is the change in the demeanour of the volunteers.

It's amazing to see how much better their self-perception is now. I see happy faces, we're having a lot of fun at the shoots and, above all, everyone seems happier when they're in front of the camera.


Julia is a great example. At the beginning, she was shy and didn't really feel comfortable in front of the camera. After four weeks, her spots were all gone, her skin had really changed and Julia radiated!

Write to me on Twitter if you've had problems with blemished skin and what this means for you in your daily life. I look forward to hearing from you!

Have you used FilSuisse today?

All the best, Michaela