When buying cosmetics, women often consider the cost. Is the product worth the price and does it deliver on its promises? We deliberate then decide: purchase or pass. Is my skin care worth the price?  And how much do I really need? Decide for yourself!


The scenario we described in the introduction above is the ideal situation: think - calculate - buy or move on. But this does not correspond to the reality of our purchasing behaviour. In reality, the picture in our head looks like this: «Oh, cute packaging! Bettina has this too, and she looks great! Mmm, smells good - reminds me of something. Vanilla? I love vanilla! How much does it cost? Oh, that much? Well, it's almost pay day and there's that new guy in my class...hmm, I have to have it!» Does this sound familiar to anyone? Many times, emotions are an underestimated shopping impulse - something we should be aware of. It's why we often buy cosmetics we don't really need. They sit in the medicine cabinet, neglected after just a single use, until they expire - if we're nice we give the product to our younger sister.


Furthermore, skin care systems work like this: You buy a gel, but then you first need the corresponding soap, too, and afterwards the right cream, but also a different one for night, plus a serum for your lashes, and so on and so forth - we are all familiar with this! And we shop and shop... FilSuisse wants to please the skin with exactly the opposite approach, in other words with just one product. How does it work? FilSuisse meets all the skin's needs – with a single wipe:

  • Make-up removal and pore-deep cleansing: The skin must be thoroughly cleansed so that it can absorb the nourishing active ingredients.
  • Maximum effect: The maximum level of active ingredients is delivered to the skin, exactly where needed.
  • No damaging additives: Free of alcohol, preservatives, fragrances, parabens, etc. 
  • Natural active ingredients: The skin deserves to be indulged with natural active ingredients.
  • Save time and money: Achieve a radiant complexion - with just one product. It gives you more time to get your beauty sleep in the evening and to perfectly apply your make-up in the morning.

You get all this - I'll say it again because it's so amazing - with just one wipe a day!


Of course ladies, if you don't buy your beauty products from a luxury store, FilSuisse may seem rather expensive. And some of the lower-priced beauty lines are qualitatively not that much worse than the more expensive ones from a cosmetics store. But honestly, how consistent are we really? There are two types of women: the hunter and the gatherer. The former hunts for every new product in the beauty industry and never finishes a container because someone has already recommended something better. The gatherer, on the other hand, stockpiles all the cheap products but quickly loses interest in them. Why not choose one product and stick with it, as it's the best thing for your skin anyway?


When a woman picks up a FilSuisse package, she will immediately notice the short and sweet list of ingredients. Does that mean there's nothing in it? To the contrary: FilSuisse contains up to 100 times higher concentrations of active ingredients  than creams. What FilSuisse contains in pure active ingredients, conventional skin care products fill with fat, oil, water, preservatives, fragrances and even dyes. We consciously avoid these, as they have no business being on the skin. Thanks to the dry active ingredients integrated into the wipe, which are only activated on contact with water, FilSuisse is able to do entirely without alcohol and preservatives. This protects the skin and prevents skin irritations and allergies. Have you ever thought about all the things we women subject our skin to? Too many ingredients irritate the skin and can even cause impurities! This is why FilSuisse contains natural active substances.


Let's be honest ladies, how much money do you spend on cosmetics every month? Well? And how satisfied are you really with them? Thought so! With FilSuisse you can avoid countless cleansing products and creams, and save lots of space in your medicine cabinet, too. In specific terms, this means more money for shoes! Or, to book a vacation!

We hope you and your skin feel thoroughly pampered!