FilSuisse is proud to collaborate with many certified «HautApotheken» (pharmacies specialising in skin care). Specialised skin care staff are expertly trained and can give you comprehensive and competent advice. Do you suffer from acne and aren't sure whether Skin Clear is the right product for you? Or do you have neurodermatitis, especially sensitive skin or other skin problems? «HautApotheken» will be pleased to advise you - free of charge.


Countless people with various skin problems visit the pharmacy every day. Thanks to in-depth knowledge about skin diseases and treatment options and collaboration with dermatologists, the «HautApotheke» can provide patients with optimal solutions.

Prescription drugs only help if they are used properly. Thanks to its excellent product knowledge, the «HautApotheke» offers tips about proper use suitable for every day. In doing so, it supports compliance and treatment success

Chronic skin diseases require patients to have persistence and patience. With treatment tips and advice on concomitant skin care, the «HautApotheke» improves the course of chronic skin diseases and patients' quality of life.


A trained «HautApotheke» receives the medinform label. With this label and through special events, the pharmacy can make itself known to customers as a pharmacy with special dermatological expertise.

  • It optimises customer service by providing individualised, solution-oriented, supportive advice.
  • It offers special services
  • It maintains its network and expands it
  • It works with medinform and the currently 45 other «HautApotheken» to develop forward-looking strategies.

Basic training: Training takes place over a total of six days in two years in the recognition, clinical history and treatment of common skin diseases as well as the galenics of topical dosage forms and finished products. 
The training combines face-to-face instruction with online courses and quizzes and mini case studies for repetition. In addition, cases from the pharmacy are discussed with dermatologists in the course.
Every participant is guided through his or her courses individually by a learning guide. Minimal administrative work is involved.

Continuing education: Courses are held on supplementary skin topics, communicative competence, networking and special service offers on one training day per year.
 Medinform offers small e-learning modules and mini case studies for repetition in teams.

Quality and sustainability: through online tests and annual mystery shopping.