What is the difference between instant-effect cosmetics and long-term results? Instant-effect cosmetics tempt the buyer with results you can see immediately. For example, a lip gloss to plump up the lips or a cream which smooths out wrinkles in a flash. But do the instant effects of miracle products last in the long run? What do you do when the desired result disappears again after a couple of hours?  And will it benefit my skin in the long term?


Who doesn't want silky soft skin? How about coating your skin in plastic to achieve it? Absurd, isn't it? But in reality, most creams contain silicones, i.e. plastic, and the skin really does feel smoother after application as silicone fills in the wrinkles. Unfortunately, the great instant effect gets in the way of any long-term results and the natural metabolic processes in the skin. It may appear soft and smooth on the outside but the skin is actually hermetically sealed in a kind of plastic film and is not able to correctly excrete or absorb anything. Care products can hardly pass through the layer of silicones to reach the skin, so there is not actually any long-term result.


Want a cream that will magic away your wrinkles in just 7 minutes? It really does work! But how? A smart combination of active ingredients produces a small oedema (tissue swelling) in the skin, i.e. the wrinkle in the skin is swollen up and expanded. The anti-aging euphoria lasts no more than 6 hours. It's a short-lived but thrilling phenomenon, which gives the user hope that a life without wrinkles is possible. A long-term effect is wishful thinking.

So how does a beauty product achieve long-term results? It's simple: a beauty product can only produce a lasting change if the active ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the skin and support the skin's natural regeneration process from the inside. A real work-out for the skin!


Long-term results are achieved without any razzmatazz. So that's why we don't promise our customers instant results. The natural cycle of the skin dictates how the skin is affected by cosmetic active ingredients. The top layer of skin, the epidermis, undergoes a constant cycle of cell division (cell birth), cell death and shedding. The length of this cycle differs depending on the age and condition of the skin. A young, healthy skin needs around 28 days, whereas an older skin may take up to 70 days. FilSuisse is designed to support these processes in the long term and not to simply change the surface of the skin for a short-lived, visual benefit.


Most standard cosmetics therefore develop their effect on the top layer of the skin and beautify the dead skin cells. The products' ingenious mixes of ingredients fool us into thinking we have silky skin – but what you are actually feeling is the complex texture of the cream or lotion – especially with more expensive products. Interesting, isn't it? So the main difference between cheap and «luxury» facial care products is mainly in the feel, colour, scent and the high-quality packaging. The combination of active ingredients is less important.


Our FilSuisse facial care wipes don't just offer attractive benefits you can see and feel, they are effective too. The wipes are not dyed or scented. The fluffy surface is the result of a mechanical process and isn't produced using chemicals. After using the micro-fibre wipes, the skin may at first feel rather strange because it hasn't been «deceived» by the consistency of a lipid-water emulsion. But this is the only way in which the nourishing, natural active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin cells. You may not experience results right away, but you will see and feel them a few weeks later.