Pregnant women are beautiful: from one day to the next, they appear younger and radiant, no matter how good or bad they feel. Full-bodied hair, plump and rosy skin – if you're lucky, that is! Unfortunately, it's not always like this and the hormones can cause unpleasant changes to the skin like spots or pigment spots. So efficient and healthy skin care is especially important at this special time.


Every woman has different stories to tell about her pregnancy: Linda has twice as much energy, has put on 20 kg and all the wrinkles have disappeared from her face. Sonia has put on virtually no weight but has a lot of back pain. She feels chronically nauseous but looks fantastic. Tanya has acne but otherwise feels great. Liz is huge, suffering from constant itching and has large pigment spots on her face. You could find countless examples and they would all be different. Quite simply, every individual is unique.


Pregnancy is a 9-month miracle and the skin can react in very different ways. During this time, blood is racing around the body, which explains why women's faces are rosy and plump. Water in the body's tissues plumps up the skin from the inside and wrinkles disappear overnight. You could say that women get 9 months of the world's most natural form of botox for free! Brilliant!


Unfortunately, however, in some women pregnancy hormones result in an excess of sebum. If this happens, it's often like puberty all over again: spots, blackheads or even acne may appear. Good cleansing and care for the skin is especially important, as is the prospect that hopefully everything will improve. Luckily, after the birth or at the latest once breastfeeding is over, most of the unpleasant symptoms, such as pain, weight and skin problems, usually disappear again.


No matter whether your skin is benefiting from the hormonal changes or you are unlucky – one thing is true for all pregnant women (and in fact all women): facial cleansing reaching deep into the pores and care with highly concentrated, natural active ingredients is essential. During pregnancy, women tend to focus a lot on health. Both their own health and that of their baby. Some turn into real health experts and take a fresh look at their lifestyles. Facial care containing no alcohol, preservatives, fragrance or colours comes right on cue. The facial care wipes from FilSuisse contain no unnecessary additional substances and provide the skin with just what it needs and no more.


FilSuisse has a natural solution for all expectant mothers and the changes to their skin: 

  • The active ingredients in Skin Clear help with oily and impure skin and regulate
    excess sebum.
  • Whitening can counter upsetting pigment moles.
  • Women with itching and sensitive skin can turn to Moisturizing.
  • Women can keep hold of Anti-Aging until later when they stop breastfeeding and the skin becomes dryer again and their wrinkles return.

 All pregnant women want solutions and the less complicated the better!


When the long desired baby finally arrives, everything needs to be quick and easy! Faced with all those happiness hormones, sheer joy, new challenges and usually having to work very hard, what woman has time to worry about her skin care? So it's great if you already have a quick and efficient care regime that doesn't cause additional stress. So ladies, we hope you have a good pregnancy. We wish you and your family all the best! We hope that expectant and new mums continue to use FilSuisse during this crazy period and that we can make your life that little bit easier!