Our practical facial wipes are not only ideal for use at home – they also make the perfect travelling companion. This is why the all-in-one skincare wipe makes sense…


  • ...but what should you take? FilSuisse, make-up, sun cream, perfume, bikini and little black dress – done.
  • FilSuisse easily fits in your hand luggage, saving weight – which means you can take that second book as well!
  • Can I get it through the security controls? Since FilSuisse wipes are dry, you won't have any problems taking them on the plane. This means you can look after yourself on a long flight without any worries, care for your skin with moisturising ingredients and arrive refreshed. 

  • FilSuisse helps you to tan evenly, since the skin is freed from pigmenting dry skin cells and dirt. But please, ladies, never forget your sun protection!
  • Ideal for use after sunbathing* on the beach. Cleansed of sun cream, perspiration and fine particles of sand, your clean, tanned skin will look even prettier when made up for the evening!
  • FilSuisse does not perish in the sun. You can therefore leave the wipes out in the sun or in a hot car without any problems.

  • Saves space and weight in your rucksack, because it cleanses and moisturises at the same time.
  • You just need water to activate the ingredients.
  • In areas with contaminated water, simply use bottled mineral water.

FilSuisse is also unisex – which makes it perfect for holiday Romeos!

We hope you and your skin have a wonderful holiday!

*(If you have sunburn, please avoid using FilSuisse until your skin has recovered.)

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