One question we hear again and again is: «Do I need to apply moisturiser after using FilSuisse?» Our claim, «Discover a new kind of facial care, without cream», gives away the answer. But let's start at the beginning...


We use moisturising creams for the simple reason that until now there has been no easy alternative method of administering active substances to the skin. In other words, there was no other way of getting active substances into the skin. When a particular method has been unchallenged for decades and has emotional associations such as 'luxury' and 'optimum care', both the method and the associated emotions acquire an unquestioned status. Manufacturers tell us how a cream pampers the skin, making it feel velvety-soft, while the smell on the skin makes us believe only good things about the product. But what exactly is 'luxury' in a moisturiser, what actually produces the desired effect – and what is the optimum method of caring for skin?


Moisturising cream was invented in 1911 and is now a core product of the beauty industry. In simple terms, a moisturiser is a combination of fat or oil and water. These substances will not remain in a stable mixture without the use of additives. They also have a short shelf life, so additional ingredients – emulsifiers and surfactants – are required to make the moisturiser stable. Preservatives, often antioxidants, are used to prevent bacteria from growing in the water in the product and to prevent sensitive ingredients from decomposing. Fragrances are added mainly to mask the odour that develops as the substances 'age'. The long list of ingredients on a jar of moisturiser usually includes: emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, fragrances, solvents, consistency regulators, etc. The longer the list, the more ends up on your face. But what about the active ingredients? The long list is deceptive, because active substances usually account for less than 1% of the product! When you buy a moisturising cream you are mostly investing in marketing, oil and water and not in active ingredients. This sobering conclusion gives rise to a justified question: Is there a better way of looking after the skin and can you invest money more effectively in active substances?


FilSuisse has invented a completely new and simple way of getting active substances into the skin! Highly concentrated active substances in dry form are embedded in microfibril wipes, which eliminates the need for additives. As a result, the concentration of active ingredients in FilSuisse is far higher than in a face cream (up to more than 100 times higher). FilSuisse microfibrils deeply cleanse the skin with every application. At the same time, the highly concentrated, natural active ingredients are channelled directly into the skin – free from alcohol, fragrances and preservatives. In this way every skin type benefits from the maximum level of active substances, deep cleansing and, because there are so few additives, a minimal risk of allergies.


Let's go back to our main question. After cleansing and moisturising with FilSuisse, out of habit many of our customers will reach for their usual moisturiser. Although our product communication highlights the fact that there is no need to use a moisturising cream, we don't want to create a controversy surrounding the use of these products. It is not necessary to apply moisturiser after using FilSuisse because the wipes supply much more of the active substances to the skin than any moisturiser can. The greasy film that a moisturiser leaves on the skin creates the impression of softness, which many people like, even though it isn't really beneficial to skin health. So the question is whether to use skin care in its purest form with FilSuisse or skin care with FilSuisse in combination with a moisturising cream. There may be a range of arguments in favour of or against the additional use of a cream, depending on individual needs. With FilSuisse Skin Clear, for example, we explicitly recommend not using any other products before or after application. With all other products, we leave the decision up to you.


Face creams have been the standard skin care choice for over 100 years. We know it isn't easy to replace old habits with new ones. Change always demands courage and open-mindedness. And of course, the skin needs time to get used to the change (read more in «The 3 phases of FilSuisse»). Perhaps this would be a good moment to quote something we often hear from our customers: «I would never have believed I could do without moisturiser!»

Discover an innovative and highly effective kind of skin care – it will be worthwhile. Enjoy the new skin care experience!