Spots, blackheads and shiny skin. Who wouldn't want to cover these up right away with a make-up brush? Be careful, though, as blemished skin often reacts very sensitively to cosmetics, resulting in a vicious cycle: you get spots, you cover them up, you get even more spots. Might this be to do with the make-up? Not if you use it properly. What do you need to look out for when making up oily and blemished skin? We've checked it out...


Blemished skin needs a great deal of care. Caring for problem skin involves more than just daily cleansing and targeted treatment with special ingredients (see also the article on facial cleansing). It also requires appropriate measures to be taken every day to compensate for the skin problems, depending on their cause (if known). These might include:

  • a change of diet
  • learning relaxation techniques
  • exercise
  • a special form or therapy or 
  • a lifestyle change that eliminates the stress factor.

Sounds simple? Such long-term processes need time and energy and really must be tackled, for the benefit of the mind and therefore also the skin. In the meantime, however, skilfully making unsightly spots and blackheads disappear can provide an important confidence boost.


Women who suffer from blemished skin often use little or no make-up, because they are worried about irritating their skin even more. It's a well-founded fear, as make-up is said to cause even more spots in a worst-case scenario. Yet such generalisations do more harm than good. It is of course possible for the skin to react specifically to an ingredient in the make-up, but for most women the problem is not with the make-up itself. Any worsening of spots attributed to make-up is more likely to be caused by inadequate facial cleansing. It is essential that the face is prepared properly before make up is applied, and is thoroughly cleansed of make-up at the end of the day.


FilSuisse Skin Clear gently exfoliates and meets the specific needs of oily and blemished skin. After cleansing, the skin must be supplied with specific, targeted, nourishing active ingredients . FilSuisse Skin Clear nourishes the skin with anti-irritating ingredients and regulates sebum production. The gentle massage with the microfibrils unblocks pores, dissolves keratinisation and cleanses efficiently. Use it for at least 28 days to leave your skin visibly beautified, with demonstrably fewer spots and blackheads. Oily creams should never be used on blemished skin, as they block pores. (More on FilSuisse Skin Clear for spots).


After cleansing and moisturising, we can get on with the make-up. First, this means washing and maybe even disinfecting your hands! If you have blemished skin it's a good idea to apply the make-up to your face with (clean)  fingers, to avoid introducing even more bacteria to your sensitive skin. Applicators such as brushes or sponges are a perfect breeding ground for germs, which can put blemished skin under stress. The powder brush should be washed with a mild shampoo at least once a week.


If the skin is prone to severe redness, you can help to neutralise it by applying a green-pigmented primer under the make-up. Then apply a light make-up (preferably with sun protection) to the face. Beware of foundations that are too oily as these are bad for already oily skin types. So-called HD make-up, tested to television standards, should be avoided as it can put blemished skin under additional strain. On the other hand, products without comedogenic ingredients can benefit the skin. Comedogenic substances, i.e. substances suspected of making blemishes worse, can be researched on the internet. It's worth looking them up. You also need to be careful with powders, making sure that pressed powders are oil-free and the product does not have any shimmer particles. Both these ingredients unnecessarily emphasize shine. Matt make-up and transparent loose powder are ideal for making up blemished skin.


With these make-up tips for blemished skin, you can cover unsightly spots and blackheads gently and efficiently. This will help you feel more self-confident, which in turn will have a positive impact on your spirits as well as your skin. In the long term, what we want is not just a good make-up system but clear, healthy and radiant skin. All FilSuisse products help prevent blemishes and supply your skin with moisturising, nourishing active ingredients. FilSuisse Skin Clear is completely free from comedogenic ingredients. We hope your skin feels thoroughly clean and pampered!

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