The skin completely regenerates itself approximately every 28-70 days. The purpose of any skin care product is to support this process as effectively as possible by supplying valuable active substances. In order for this to happen, the skin must be free from excess skin cells in the top layer and be cleansed pore-deep. Only then can the active substances be absorbed. How much of an active ingredient a product actually contains is also important.


The bad news is that cleansing lotions and tonics don't remove dirt from the pores. They cleanse the surface of the skin, but not adequately. When you apply lotion or gel with a cotton wool pad, you simply spread around impurities left behind on the skin. This means that conventional moisturisers – whether you cleanse beforehand or not – cannot penetrate properly into deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the active ingredients can't do their job properly – not the ideal start for good skin care.


Moisturising creams are a conventional and well-known method of transporting active substances into the skin. Based on oil and water, they also contain a wide range of other ingredients. The list of ingredients can be very long: emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, fragrances, solvents, consistency regulators, etc. Take a look at your moisturiser and read the small print. What is all that stuff?! Many of these substances are only there to mix the oil and water (which would otherwise repel each other). They also make sure than this so-called 'emulsion' remains stable. The illustration below shows how deceptive moisturisers can be: with so many ingredients, there isn't much room left for the substances that actually care for your skin. The skin is basically plastered with ingredients which don't benefit it in any way. Only a small amount of the important ingredients actually makes it into the skin. What a disappointment!


FilSuisse microfibril wipes are a new and innovative way of applying active substances to the skin.

Firstly, the texture of FilSuisse wipes gently exfoliates the skin, removing excess skin cells, which are absorbed by the countless microfibrils. The gentle massaging motion opens up the pores and rids them of make-up, dirt and bacteria. Secondly, the skin is supplied with valuable natural ingredients with which the microfibrils are enriched in dry form. Thanks to the optimum preparation, these can penetrate deep into the skin unhindered.

Let's compare: A moisturiser contains small amounts of active substances because of all the other ingredients needed to hold the emulsion together. A FilSuisse wipe, on the other hand, contains nothing but active ingredients. A difference that's more than skin-deep!


We recommend using the product for at least 28 days in order to see the first visible results. Why? The skin (or, more specifically, the epidermis) requires around 28-70 days to renew itself. So it takes a month before it is fully regenerated and the first effects can be seen. This is especially true for FilSuisse Anti-Aging and FilSuisse Whitening; due to the structure of the skin, it would hardly be possible for these two products to take effect any quicker. FilSuisse Moisturizing and FilSuisse Skin Clear, by contrast, start to show results after just 10 to 14 days. Because FilSuisse supports sustained renewal, it would scarcely be possible for the products to take effect any faster. So we recommend you treat your skin by applying all products for at least 28 days – it will be worthwhile.

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