Our customers have tested Skin Clear and pronounced their judgement. The customer feedback for the innovative face care wipes for blemished and oily skin is extremely positive. Here are the results:

94% said that the quick and easy application and usage of the wipes was better or much better than conventional skin care products.

91% described the skin feeling after using FilSuisse Skin Clear as good or very good.

95% said that the effectiveness of FilSuisse Skin Clear was better or much better than conventional anti-blemish products.


FilSuisse Skin Clear combats blemishes and oily skin. The face care wipes supply the skin with anti-irritating ingredients and regulate sebum production. The gentle massage with the microfibrils unblocks pores, dissolves keratinisation and cleanses the face efficiently and pore-deep. Skin is left visibly beautified, less oily and with demonstrably fewer spots and blackheads.

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