It is occasionally asked whether it is ecologically irresponsible to throw away a skin care wipe after just one use.

We say no! Compared to traditional cosmetics, FilSuisse is a role model. For ecological considerations should not be limited just to the disposal of a product. They must take into account the entire ecological balance, in other words the complete product life cycle and the resulting energy balance. Only this combination of factors provides a clear indication of the ecological balance of an individual product. All ecological factors must be considered in connection with the full energy requirements, from the production of raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, use and disposal.


Overall, FilSuisse is a role model and has a decisive advantage compared to traditional cosmetics. We combine multiple products in one: exfoliation, cleansing and skin care products. This also means that there are fewer raw materials, lower manufacturing costs, less packaging and, subsequently, less waste.


FilSuisse is eco-certified for textiles worn close to the skin (product class II).

The independent testing and certification system tests for harmful substances based on the following criteria:

  • legally banned substances
  • legally regulated substances
  • chemicals commonly known to be potentially hazardous to health (but which are not yet legally regulated)
  • and healthcare parameters

Overall, the requirements considerably exceed existing national laws.


We obtain our raw materials from the Mibelle Group, one of the world's leading Swiss manufacturers of cosmetic active ingredients, produced in accordance with Swiss environmental standards.

FilSuisse is free from alcohol, fragrances and preservatives – thus containing no questionable additives that leave behind traces of pollution in wastewater. You can therefore dispose of FilSuisse wipes in household waste; do not throw them into the toilet.

«We are confident that FilSuisse is a very environmentally friendly product. We believe we have a clear advantage compared to other skin care approaches when it comes to procuring and manufacturing our products.»

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions.