Dear Business Partners and friends of FilSuisse!

With FilSuisse we have a unique opportunity to launch a product onto the global network european market that is honest, because it does what it promises. Let's be honest: to our customers, our business partners and to each and every member of our FilSuisse business family. My vision is not just to successfully establish the products throughout the world. My vision is bigger, more comprehensive and includes the entire FilSuisse family. We regard ourselves as a team. That is why we put you, and together with you all our business partners and customers, at the very heart of our sales concept! Work should be fun – after all, achieving things together simply brings greater satisfaction. Performance and teamwork should be worthwhile for you.
That is my pledge to you.

Wolfgang Balters



FilSuisse does not represent the "same old story" when it comes to skincare products and does not operate the same old network business model. FilSuisse is a globally operating company that helps people to exploit their full potential to achieve a youthful appearance and healthy life, and gain a zest for life. FilSuisse brings together cutting-edge science in a product range that helps people to achieve and maintain healthy and cleansed facial skin.


FilSuisse products are patented. FilSuisse business partners therefore have no competition. And it will remain this way! It's not all about looking young with FilSuisse products; rather it is about feeling healthy and young in the long term. Our process is an innovative one and the results are real.


FilSuisse distributes emotional rewards that virtually no other company comes close to. It is based on our core values and the integrity of the owners of FilSuisse. The global FilSuisse family therefore enjoys productive relationships based on mutual respect and trust.


The FilSuisse way of working together rewards more people with more money, thanks to an absolutely lucrative and balanced compensation plan. These rich rewards are our way of running the business and enable people to have a fulfilled lifestyle.


FilSuisse is a rapidly growing business community. It provides the cornerstone for a home of happy and successful people of all ages, races, genders and social strata. As a dynamic direct sales company that has been set up on the basis of a wealth of experience and the latest research findings, we provide the framework and the tools that people need to be successful. We support the members of our family in defining and actively improving the quality of their lives themselves. All this is based on ethical dealings, scientifically tested beauty products, a great business model and our attractive compensation plan.

In short, the best products in the perfect business!