What women have practised for centuries - facial care - is still uncharted territory for some men. Does that mean modern men must follow the female care regimen and also use countless creams and lotions? No, but what about spots, blackheads and dark circles around the eyes? Not very sexy, are they? This is why we are providing some tips for men here for systematic, efficient and effective facial care.


Blemished skin, shadows under the eyes, redness and more... In general, men are less bothered by these unsightly details than women. Nevertheless, it is true that a fresh complexion exudes health and competence. What good is a well-tailored suit and an elegant haircut if your face looks pallid and tired? Take care of your face! As a man, you will feel more self-confident and cultivated and make a better impression. Since FilSuisse was created, facial care no longer means applying cucumber slices and anti-wrinkle serums – now there is a perfect alternative!


A man's cosmetics assortment usually looks like this: personal hygiene, shaving, deodorant, toothpaste and maybe some cologne. We would rather not go through a woman's list here. The point of this abundance of products is debatable, as is the number of technical gadgets that men apparently cannot live without. However, the fact is that men want to spend as little time as possible in front of the mirror. Still, drugstore shelves are full of men's products. Are all of these gels and creams really necessary, just because they claim to be «for men»? Not really! What we men really want is good cleansing and effective care - without wasted time or gimmicks. We offer both of these in a single wipe.


Before going to bed or in the morning after shaving (FilSuisse even works on beards), simply moisten the microfibril wipe with water, use it to massage the face for about 45 seconds and you're done – the skin is efficiently cleansed and nourished deep into the pores. How does it work? Imagine our wipe as a very finely woven net that extracts all of the impurities from the pores. Dirt clings to the wipe while the dry active ingredients (activated by the water) simultaneously penetrate deep into the skin to deliver their nourishing effect. (You can find more interesting details about this in our article on microfibrils). Cool, right?


The illustration shows a 5,000x magnification of a single microfibril from our wipe. The white particles are our nourishing active ingredients – in other words, the whole FilSuisse wipe is covered by a very high concentration of active ingredients. In particular, this means that MEN do not need to apply a cream or aftershave after cleansing with FilSuisse – the face is thoroughly cleaned and nourished with moisturizing active ingredients. MEN can tell!


If you are still not interested in facial care, think of it as a fitness programme for your skin! The longer you practise it, the better it feels. You will need some stamina, without turning into a downright cosmetics junkie! It's worth it.