Experts from Germany and Switzerland about the effectiveness of the microfibril cloth.

G. Schlippe über Filabé

Dr. med. Gerrit Schlippe
Managing director DERMATEST GmbH

"Applying natural, soothing ingredients with cloths in a single step at the same time as cleansing is a real innovation in skincare, particularly ideal for problem skin. FilSuisse is thus taking a completely new direction with effective results and confirmed skin tolerance."

Martin Kägi über FilabéDr. med. Martin Kägi

Owner and head physician at HautZentrum Zürich

"The microfibril cloth care system is unique - a real innovation in facial care, which significantly expands the possibilities in skin care. The technology is ideally tailored to the needs of blemished skin. Outstanding cleansing, mild exfoliation and intensive transfer of the active ingredients. FilSuisse is therefore highly effective and timesaving. Without any doubt an extra- ordinary cosmetic product."


Werner Tschollar über FilabéDr. med. Werner Tschollar 
Specialist in clinical phamacology

"The microfibril cloth is a unique cosmetic delivery mechanism. Used regularly, the mild exfoliating effect stimulates the physiological regeneration of the skin. For the first time, the innovative delivery mechanism enables highly effective cosmetic active ingredients to be delivered naturally to the skin. The result is an outstanding cosmetic effect."


Bernard Gabard about FilabéDipl.-Ing., Dr. rer. nat. Bernard Gabard

"With it’s novel, innovative idea, The microfibril cloth has achieved a breakthrough in the delivery of active ingredients. The microfibril facial care cloths implement the key scientific principles of cosmetic skin care in a single process. The results speak for themselves and demonstrate the potential of the new care concept. FilSuisse has opened up entirely new possibilities in skin care."