The beauty industry even tries to target men with the claim that you need countless products and complex recipes in order to look attractive. You need one gel before shaving, and a different one afterwards. Here an anti-wrinkle serum, there a beard balm and finally the most important thing - a scent that's alluring to women. FilSuisse reduces this procedure to a minimum: clever, practical and effective. This is how we summarise all the advantages of FilSuisse. 



  • 30-45 seconds is all you need. Really.
  • All it takes is a microfibril wipe and water
  • Pore-deep cleansing and efficient supply of active ingredients in one product.


  • Moisturizing only contains active ingredients – and they're natural. All of them.
  • When you cleanse your face, a high concentration of the active ingredients contained in the wipe are delivered to directly into the skin, exactly where they are needed and where they can get straight to work.
  • We take the direct route and avoid unnecessary and endless combinations of active ingredients. One use. One product. That's all you need to achieve perfect skin.


  • Important: FilSuisse works without unnecessary ingredients (preservatives, alcohol, fragrances) that may have a negative effect or needlessly irritate the skin! 
  • FilSuisse contains what men need. No more and no less.
  • FilSuisse saves space in your bathroom and your gym bag! And it still contains everything you need. What more do men want?

  • Using Moisturizing makes you a skin care innovator. How many men can assert this claim over women?
  • FilSuisse is unisex, so you can even share it with a woman. She'll be impressed. Try it!
  • Do you travel a lot? FilSuisse gets through every airport security checkpoint and saves space and weight. 

Have fun using the easiest and most efficient skin care in the world, made in Switzerland!

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