Hooray, spring is here! While the plants slept, we had to struggle through the cold winter months in our woolly hats and gloves. Little sunshine, cold temperatures and central heating on our faces, less exercise and bundling up in lots of layers: as a result, our skin is usually pale and dry in winter. But those days are over! What could be better now than an invigorating detox therapy for body and mind to set us up for spring's arrival?


Why not start from inside your own four walls? And then you can systematically work from the outside in, so to speak. An «everything must go» clearout campaign puts us in the ideal mood for a full-body detox. Having a clean and tidy home often makes us feel a little freer. So it's no wonder that decluttering coaches have become the trend: someone who helps the overwhelmed customer to say goodbye to mountains of old shoes or accompanies them to the clothing bank with 20 pairs of old jeans. For those who like rituals, you can also cleanse your home after the clearout by burning some white sage. And now that you're into the swing of it – there's also the cellar!


During stressful periods, the idea of detoxing is usually far from our thoughts. For example, it's not a good idea to start a detox when moving house, at the start of a new training course or job, or right after having a baby. Holidays are also not the best time, because it is very easy to become distracted and the food abroad can simply be too good to resist. :-)

Troublesome thoughts or emotions can also lead to inner chaos. A gentle movement or relaxation training course is worth its weight in gold during a detox. This can be some light yoga practice, meditation, qi gong, special massages, swimming or even just a stroll in the fresh air. Movement and relaxed breathing help to clear the mind. All eastern relaxation techniques therefore speak symbolically of a «cleansing of the mind».


So, your surroundings are clean and tidy, you've taken care of your mind – and now it's your body's turn. There are various options available here: juice fasts, therapeutic fasting, Ayurvedic treatments, Schroth cure, etc. In the detox «jungle» there are some very extreme and some moderate methods. It is therefore important to listen to your body and not expect too much from it. As a detox beginner, reading books or consulting a therapist or doctor can be tremendously helpful. If you are successful with your chosen detox, you can simply repeat the same purification process each year. However, a detox can definitely also be the trigger for a healthier lifestyle. And not just once a year either!


Even a stressful day-to-day life allows for moments of «detoxification». We could dedicate ourselves to a relaxation technique once a week, introduce a soup day and, above all, cleanse our skin well daily in order to support its secretion function. It is for precisely this reason that exfoliating scrubs are recommended during detox therapies. FilSuisse wipes are particularly suitable for this: the face receives a daily pore-deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation as well as nourishment from natural ingredients. What's more, they prevent additives such as preservatives from getting into the body. A detox regime for the skin in under a minute – just try and beat that!

Have fun decluttering, detoxing or simply enjoying springtime!