We are proud to be rated by Dermatest® as «very good». This proves how pure and well tolerated FilSuisse products are - free of alcohol, fragrances and preservatives. 

The market for cosmetic products has become very untransparent: often, much is promised and little delivered. Consumers usually can't tell which ingredients in cosmetic products have what effect. There are independent, serious institutes that help consumers navigate the obscure jungle of products. The «Original DERMATEST» stamp is a reliable guarantee for consumer and manufacturer safety.


Since its foundation in 1978, Dermatest® has had the following mission: To research and evaluate cosmetic products using dermatological and scientific methods to make them safer to use and so that their effectiveness can be measured and compared. The company still feels compelled to pursue this goal. In 1978, Dermatest® was the first dermatological laboratory on the market.

Its objective was not only to conduct scientifically qualified and dermatologically validated research; it also aimed to be of value to the end consumer.


Today, Dermatest® has adapted many basic research methods to cosmetic testing. This includes the human 3D skin model, with which various interleukins, inflammation parameters and UV damage can be measured, among other things. Since then, the company also independently developed numerous test designs for various purposes. Today, it can test and evaluate a wide range of products such as mascara, creams for sensitive skin, skin care products for children, hair restorers, diapers, etc. using targeted research methods. It goes without saying that the dermatological and biological expertise of its scientists is essential. Dermatest® clearly has a unique selling proposition among testing facilities when it comes to the scientific competence of its academic staff, dermatologists, allergists, biologists and food chemists. It has always maintained its independence and is not impressed by brands and manufacturers, only by products. Moreover, its extensive experience comes from thousands of tests performed since 1978.

The ratings and stamps assigned by Dermatest® are the result of an independent scientific analysis, whereby the various stamps reflect different tests.


In order to continue to fulfil these requirements in the future, the exceptionally skilled team of experienced dermatologists, allergists, biologists and food chemists are in constant contact with universities, institutes and other research facilities.

In addition, quality management certified by the Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV) guarantees the continuing education of the study nurses in accordance with GCP.

This ensures that Dermatest® can incorporate the latest scientific and cosmetic developments into its work for the benefit of consumers.

Dermatest® has been participating in international studies in the EU and in national research projects for more than 10 years. In doing so, it partners with universities in Heidelberg, Münster, Paris, Jerusalem, Pisa and Istanbul, for example the Fraunhofer Institute.

Further information about Dermatest® is available at dermatest.de