To the delight of many men, beards have for some time now been fashionable again. And they run the whole gamut: anything old-fashioned is considered «retro», the three-day beard is now seen as designer stubble and the full Robinson Crusoe beard is very popular in Hollywood. But regardless of their style, all beards require maintenance. Read on to find out how men can care for their beards with FilSuisse...


According to a recent study, beards are a hotbed for bacteria. The study presents quite lurid details, finding that some male facial hair harbours more bacteria than a toilet! According to the study, this is understandably worrisome and revolting and can lead to skin irritations in the space between hairs. It doesn't take magic to keep your beard clean - as long as you care for it with FilSuisse and your beard isn't longer than 5 mm. After all, we're not a barber!


In general, men can be divided into two categories: those who eschew cosmetics and those who embrace them. The minimalist is loyal to the «anti-cream» mentality, avoids fragrances and shaves with an electric razor. The hedonist tries out every exciting new development in the beauty industry and is a champion of the proper wet shave - for which he often gladly visits the barber (also a great place to get style advice, as the same beard style doesn't suit everyone).


A dry or wet shave? This is purely a question of preference as neither method has been proven to be better or worse than the other. After shaving, grab a FilSuisse microfibril wipe (wondering what microfibrils are? – find out here), moisten it with some water and massage it over your face AND beard for 30-45 seconds. That's right, please don't forget your beard! After all, what's the point of having an elegantly trimmed beard if the beard hair and the skin underneath aren't nourished as well? FilSuisse cleanses the skin down to the pores and gently exfoliates it every day, which keeps beard hair from becoming ingrown and prevents redness and skin irritations. After this pore-deep cleansing, the natural nourishing active ingredients in FilSuisse skin care wipes are delivered directly into the skin, even if a beard is growing over it.


Even though we're all tough guys, don't be too rough with the wipe. The microfibrils are highly effective, which is why they require minimal pressure. Don't scrub, otherwise your face will become red and that's not very flattering! Because the beard is also exfoliated, with daily use the beard hair will become soft and the skin underneath will be even, supple and free of blackheads and spots. (Do you have very oily, blemished skin? Our tip: «Skin Clear»). Clean skin, clean beard - it's that simple.


Striking features with a full beard are very fashionable right now. If you have a really long, wild beard, then the FilSuisse wipe will have a hard time getting through. In this case, FilSuisse can cleanse the whole face, contours of the beard, neck and nape of the neck. For the beard hair, take a soft brush (there are special beard brushes) and wash your beard with a mild shampoo (there is even beard shampoo) during your daily shower and dab it with a towel – hair-dryers dry out the skin. Important: Don't pluck at your beard or stroke it with unwashed hands - even if this gesture reinforces your reputation as a deep thinker! This is precisely how food remains, sweat and many bacteria wind up in beard hair, a place we certainly don't want them to call home.


Aftershave has long been a staple of men's care regimen and many men swear by it. It disinfects, smells good and leaves the skin with a pleasantly cool sensation. However, only very few aftershaves actually serve to disinfect, namely those with at least 60% alcohol content. Although alcohol is responsible for making the skin feel fresh, this does not necessarily mean it's germ-free. We recommend using FilSuisse right after shaving. It will remove all bacteria from the skin and soothe the skin with its nourishing active ingredients. If necessary, you can then use modern aftershave in the form of balms and lotions - completely alcohol-free. Alcohol dries out the skin, which is why dermatologists often advise against it. 


Once again, here are all the advantages of facial and beard care with FilSuisse:

  • Time factor: Take the wipe out of the package, moisten it and use it. It takes no more than one minute. 
  • Manliness factor: Men feel clean, the skin and hair are soft, smooth and not treated with cream (i.e. no fragrance, no greasy sheen).
  • Care factor: ingrown beard hair, spots and redness are things of the past.

Plus, gentlemen, FilSuisse is unisex - so be forewarned in case the package should empty itself mysteriously quickly!

We hope all men (with and without a beard) enjoy caring for their skin with FilSuisse!